Aiff to Mp3 conversion online

Aiff to Mp3 Conversion – Aiff or audio interchange file format is a proprietary audio format standard developed by Apple Inc . Aiff exists in both compressed and un-compressed format. On the other hand Mp3 is the most popular audio format online which is a compressed format (but lossy). If you have an Aiff file (usually large file size) and wanted to stream it on internet, it is recommended to convert it to more portable and small sized Mp3 format. The steps below will help convert any Aiff file to a well encoded (good quality) Mp3 file format online without the need to install any additional software.

1. Online application

Aiff to Mp3 Conversion

Click the above link to head to the online application page.

2. Upload Aiff file

Click on the “Select File” button and select the aiff file on your computer. A progress bar will show up with the percentage completion of uploading. Wait for the 100% completion before moving to the next step.

upload aiff file

3. Set Output Mp3 properties

This application also allows the user to set the meta tags for the Mp3. Setting the meta tags (like title, album name etc) has several advantages and should be done where possible.

set mp3 meta tags

4. Convert to Mp3

Click on the “convert to mp3” button and the aiff conversion process will start. Depending on the size of the aiff, it will take a few seconds for the conversion.

convert to mp3

5. Save the Mp3

After the conversion process is complete, a popup will show the link to downloaded the Mp3 file (as shown in the screenshot below). Right click on the link and choose save as and the Mp3 file will be downloaded to your computer.

save mp3

Currently Mp3Care allows to upload file up to 100 MB and is absolutely free to use.

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