How to convert Mp3 to Wav format

Mp3 (file extension .mp3) is one of the most popular audio encoding format. One of the major advantages of mp3 file formats is its ability to compress files and hence result in a very low file size. This small size of the audio files led to its popularity on the internet for audio streaming and sharing. Wav (file extension .wav) is a Microsoft audio file format that can both be in compressed or uncompressed state.   Quality wise wav are the best as they have not undergone any alterations. As compared to mp3 files they are larger in size. If you have an mp3 file and wanted to convert it to wav format, our application comes in handy. Simply follow the steps below.

Step 1: Visit our application (click the link below)

Mp3 to wav conversion

Step 2: Upload your mp3 file

Click the select file button and choose the mp3 file on your computer. Wait for the progress bar to complete indicating that the file is upload.

upload mp3


Step 3: Convert mp3 to wav and save

Click on the convert to wav button. Depending on the size of the input file, it will take a few seconds to convert it to wav format. Once finished, a popup will be displayed with a link to download the wav file. Right click on the link and choose save as to save the file on your computer.

save wav



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